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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will we be able to leave and come back in?

Due to capacity we strongly urge all goers to be aware that if they leave they might not be able to be back in due to capacity and demand.

2. My kid is under 1 years old, does he need a ticket?

Yes; All tickets are donations with net process going to NORD. We need to account for all bodies for capacity.

3. Will y’all be showing SB 2010?

Neighboring business will be, but our main entertainment will be some of Nola’s Finest musicians.

4. Will the event be live streamed or on cable tv?

Please stay tuned for an announcement for this.

5. I donated money and still have not received a confirmation email. What do I do?

Please look in your spam folder. If you still don’t have an email please contact Show sparker help.

6. What do I get in VIP lounge?

You get opportunity to have a seated area inside away from crowds, with access to their amenities and shorter drink lines.

7. What is the music schedule?


8. Where is closest parking?

Multiple locations include Harrahs casino, Canal Place, Riverwalk parking lot. We also highly recommend Lyft or Uber.

9. Where is the entrance? How do I redeem my ticket? Can I print the bar code or do I need my phone?

Map coming soon; yes can print code and also use phone.

10. Can I buy tickets at gate day of?

Walk up sales will be determined by capacity at that time. Best way to know is to buy before hand.

11. How will you know if I want 10 GA vs. 2 VIP?

The Showsparker platform will issue you an email asking how do you want your money donated to be used; example 100$ you will be given option of 2 vip or 10 GA.
You get issued 10 diff barcodes in same email